Details About Bioinforamatics
Bioinformatics is  an exciting field to work in and offers a wide range of skill-sets in several lines of work in the research area, pharmaceutical companies, chemical industries, or agricultural allied industries. Bioinformatics is an applied scientific discipline poised for an exponential growth over for the next years.

My blog on Bioinformatics covers a wide range of topics related to Bioinformatics. This blog covers in future How to start Bioinformatics through Linux, programming in PERLJAVA, about NCBI, BLAST, FAST, MSA, Phylogenetic prediction, genetic prediction, phylogeny, DATA banks, Mapping, Microarrays and much more so make patience and wait for the next blog...

1. Bioinformatics 1st blog

Guys today I'm starting to write blogs on Bioinformatics. Because I'm interested in this subject and I want to maintain this interest & also i want to share with you please like share & comment your query.