12. List of Biotech Companies in India

indian biotech industry is fairly competitive
Indian biotech industry is fairly competitive
Global biotech outsourcing trends
Global biotech outsourcing trends

india biotechnology sector report august-2013
India biotechnology sector report august-2013
India biotechnological sector report august 2013
Top biotech companies of 2013
Top biotech companies of 2013

Today, I will show you  list of best biotechnology companies in India. Apart from domestic companies, there are several MNC's that have opened their branches in India. Future of biotech in India is certainly very bright, but it is very important to graduate from a good institute. There are several new institutes offering even PhD. in biotechnology, microbiology, genetic engineering, environment, dairy technology, bioinformatics etc.. students should carefully talk to existing students of the college, check placement history, facilities and qualifications of professors before opting one.

Note  :-
To go to official website of particular company click on company name mentioned below and to know their contact detail click on company city mention below company name..
As per example to go to Biocon company website click on Biocon and to know about contact detail click on Bangalore...
  1. Biocon                                                                         Bangalore
  2. Serum Institute of India                                                    Pune
  3. Panacea Biotec                                                          New Delhi
  4. Piramal Healthcare                                                      Mumbai
  5. Wockhardt Limited                                                      Mumbai
  6. GlaxoSmithKline                                                          Mumbai
  7. Bharat Serum                                                                Mumbai
  8. Krebs Biochemicals and Industries Limited          Hyderabad
  9. Zydus Cadila                                                           Ahmedabad
  10. Indian Immunologicals                                            Hyderabad
  11. Monsanto Biotech                                                         Mumbai
  12. Rasi Seeds                                                                  Attur (TN)
  13. Venkateshwara Hatcheries                                               Pune
  14. Novo Nordisk                                                              Bangalore
  15. Indian Immunologicals                                            Hyderabad
  16. TransAsia Biomedics                                                    Mumbai
  17. Astrazeneca India                                                      Bangalore
  18. Sisco                                                                                Chennai
  19. Care Biomedicals                                                          Mumbai
  20. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories                                        Hyderabad
  21. Brainwave Bioinformatics                                            Chennai
  22. Bangalore Genei 
  23. Avesthagen                                                                 Bangalore
  24. C-CAMP                                                                     Bangalore
  25. GVK BIO                                                                   Hyderabad
  26. Indian Immunologicals Ltd.                                    Hyderabad
  27. Intas                                                                          Ahmedabad
  28. Nuziveedu seeds                                                        Hyderabad
  29. Reliance Life Sciences                                                  Mumbai
  30. Shantha                                                                      Hyderabad
  31. Strand Life Sciences                                                  Bangalore
  32. VAV Life Sciences                                                        Mumbai
  33. DHEWA BIOTECH                                                         Jaipur
  34. ATISHYA BIOTECH                                                      Jaipur
  35. International Panacea Limited                                New Delhi
  36. ABS BIOTECH                                                         New Delhi
  37. Titan Biotech Limited                                               NewDelhi
  38. Weldon Biotech India Pvt Ltd                                  NewDelhi
  39. Bharat Biotech                                                           NewDelhi
  40. Biotech International Limited                                 New Delhi
  41. Axiva Sichem Biotech                                               New Delhi
  42. Saksham Biotech                                                       New Delhi
Other companies:
There are more than 400 Biotechnology companies in India. These organizations are including many top MNC and Research Centre.The innovations and products of these companies are boosting business and developing lot of new opportunities for professionals and students in this field. The Government of India is helping in promotion of new innovative medical products as well as such organizations in biotechnology fields by allowing direct foreign investment, by waiving custom duties, and by providing funds &
incentives for research in these fields.

Today the career in these industries is great. Within the organizations, there are different departments and as biotechnology is covering many subjects of sciences, so for bio-technologist opportunities are more as they are preferred for working either it is production/manufacturing, Quality Department, Quality Control department, Document specification management, compliance department, Research and Development Department, Quality Engineering, New product development or even Regulatory departments.

Today with development in this field, India is one of the Hub of Biotechnology industries.

Please add more noticeable companies (including locations and website) if I have missed any.
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