7. Invisible Army

Secret Invisible Army 

This  news broadcast from CNN discussing the FUTURE of soldier battlefield camouflage and the technology the US government is currently using to enhance their soldier protection.

Scientists Design  New Invisibility  Cloak For US Military Show their Experimental Demonstration of Active Electromagnetic Cloaking

The Department of ECE at the University of Toronto revealed researchers created a cloak that is thin, scalable and adaptive to various objects and sizes to hide an object to radar detection.

  “We have demonstrated a different way of doing it. It’s very simple,  instead of surrounding what you’re trying to cloak with a thick meta-material hell, we surround it with one layer of tiny antennas, and this layer radiates back a field that cancels the reflections from the object.”

“Picture a mailbox sitting on the street. When light hits the mailbox and bounces back into your eyes, you see the mailbox. When radio waves hit the mailbox and bounce back to your radar detector, you detect the mailbox. Selvanyagam’s system wraps the mailbox in a layer of tiny antennas that radiate a field away from the box, cancelling out any waves that would bounce back. In this way, the mailbox becomes undetectable to radar.”

Seven years ago, the first "invisibility cloak" was revealed that could "bended microwaves around a small copper cylinder which allowed it to vanish."

In 2012, Hyperstealth announced they have developed Smart Camo, a material that can conceal the wearer by matching their surroundings.

By bending light, the Smart Camo uses nanotechnology “so the object might be invisible to microwaves or infrared” – yet not simultaneously.

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