18. Biomarkers

Biomarkers: Two Hotspot Snapshots

The two analyses in this report present a snapshot of biological content analyzed en bloc as a way to visualize segments that are expanding/contracting and where “publications coalesce”. [© Kirsty Pargeter/Fotolia.com]

Find out which microRNAs and long noncoding RNAs are drawing the most attention in research right now.

The focus of this report is to frame and document our methodology for en bloc analysis of the academic publications documenting associations of specific molecular entities with specific biological phenotypes. These associations can then be empirically tested using defined clinical samples and associated clinical histories, if available.

This approach is particularly suitable to studying biomarkers since the publications universe in this domain is extensive and fragmented; this offers the opportunity for the en bloc analysis to reveal specific associations/trends that may be amenable to be tested. Another value proposition of this analysis is to prioritize molecular markers for biomarker potential based on the depth of penetrance in the scientific literature and the types of studies performed that suggest such potential.

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